Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

I took the kids to see Cinderella this past week and am in love with the theme.  

Have Courage and Be Kind! 

What a great lesson to teach and to learn!  

Happy St. Patrick's day!  This holiday has special meaning to me with Harrington blood that runs  thick.  I miss my family on St. Patricks day.  Each year the holiday is celebrated by my close extended cousins on my Mom's side.  We grew up spending every St. Patrick's day at my Uncle Bob's eating shrimp, potatos, my Aunt Jane's green salad, and Aunt Becky's pistachio dessert!  I have so many fond memories of this tradition.  

It is just simply not the same without them all.  However, we are celebrating St. Patrick's here with our little family in Arizona.  

I am pulling out the green, and tonight it will be a feast of sorts.  Shrimp, potatos, and a green salad will be served.  My girls are making banners and signs for the evening.  Alyssa has been researching St. Patrick and why we celebrate the day.  She is assigned to give us the full report at dinner.  

In the meantime.....

Sammy is getting kisses on all side...not sure he is liking it.  

Showing us his goofy little faces....making me laugh...

Catherine is wearing her new "Easter" shoes......I completely covet and secretly wish I could wear.  
They are kind of green so I told her just for the day:)  

Sam is supposed to bring us luck and charm with this shirt he is wearing.  

This cheesy smile is sure to charm most.....

Alyssa posing oh so sly in her cute little Liberty of London print dress I bought at Nordstrom's and wish came in my size.

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