Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Spring has sprung and you can smell it everywhere around here.  The orange blossoms smell divine around here!  The sun is shining often, and just yesterday we broke out our swimsuits, shades, and swim hats around here.  
These girls......

 are a lot of fun poolside. 
All four of my  kids jumped in the pool.....and I was the  whimp.  It is still too cold for Mom's, but all my kids surely thought it was perfect!   

This handsome 8 year old is all about his legos.  We have a table full and about 4 of his friends to aid almost daily.  Love it!  

Cath and Sam are still best friends.  This year has bonded their friendship.  I have loved watching these two grow close.  Sam doesn't have to compete for Cath's attention until the older kids get home.  Cath loves being the oldest and in charge for a few hours each day.  

Bags of skittles, and Mickey Mouse.....set for life:)  
The above was my recent blue and white purchase within my budget from Anthropologie. I surely love these silky pj's and any candle from Anthropologie is divine.  

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