Friday, March 27, 2015


Mike works with a friend of a friend who builds houses.  How is that for vague and name dropping:)  He lives in this GORGEOUS home.....we got to tour the other day.  

The front door in and of itself was inspiring!  The design and landscape was gorgeous beyond measure.  
The inside was even more impressive than the out.....a hard feat to beat!  

With spring in the air....I have been on a home decor kick.  I have been spring cleaning, re-arranging, and revamping some decor in our house.  

The other day I came across an inspiring decor blog A Lovely Lark who happens to live near our recent but old stomping grounds, Central Pennsylvania.  

She is a master at recreating small living spaces.  I am so reminded that grand size does not equate grandness all the time.  This small house she has designed is GRAND and inspiring.  
Grandness is relative and I LOVE great design in any space, form, or shape.  

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