Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A few of my favorite....

I headed to Trader Joe's this afternoon and brought home some favorite flowers for Easter!

If my world was filled with pink and turquoise surrounding me ......I would be happy ALL the time.  I love ranicules, and they are gorgeous during the Easter season.

One of my favorite things in my travels home to Utah is stopping by favorite spots with artistic treasures.  Over the years of living away from "home" a few little treasures each trip for my kids or myself have carried me through during homesick moments.  The treasures aren't necessarily valuable monetarily.....but they are precious to me because they are a piece of "home" I take with me wherever I have lived.

I met my darling and inspiring sister this last trip home to Utah.  We had the best time just running around town in her huge van while shuffling 8 kids and stopping by favorite spots including foothill village and Jolley's pharmacy.

Jolley's always has the cutest trinkets and gifts.  This little box was the perfect treasure to bring home from Utah.  It is sitting on my dresser to remind me of my "home".  It is the little things in life.....truly the little things.

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