Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last week was spring break.  My kids had the entire week off.  We enjoyed the majority of the week home with the kids entertaining the masses.  We went to the park, the pool, back to the park, rollerskating, play dates, movies.....the list seemed to go on and on.   By the end of the week I truly felt like I had given spring break and my all.  It feels good to be a diligent mother.  

The kids watching movies with friends in the casita.....including all ages...

Sammy skating.  He was impressive on these wheels.  He darted off the minute we got in the rink.  I was surprised but thrilled to witness his new found hobby.

Friday morning Mike and I headed up to Utah for Mike's Box Elder high school alumni basketball tournament.  Every year his small town highlights someone in need and has an annual basketball tournament to raise money.  It is always a great cause and the entire town seems to be involved.  Mike has had to miss for the past 10 years because of his medical training.  He was beyond thrilled to participate this year, and re connect with friends from high school and the community.  

I have to I have said before.... I have grown to LOVE Brigham City.  It is still a small town with a big heart.  There is still a lot of land and farming up North near Brigham City.  Good work ethics and strong values are present and felt every time I stay in Brigham City.  

The blossoms were gorgeous and the we hit the jack pot with the weather.  
A picture in front of his high school stomping grounds.  Every time I go he reminisces how he and his state champion football buddies rode through the town on firetrucks.  His Brigham City blood is thick and I love him and his loyal blood.    

He was pretty cute out there, and I surely love this guy!  

We hit Maddox for dinner and I think the rolls are better than the beef.:)  

Farm land is a plenty in Brigham, and it feels like home for this guy.  I love it too.  

The kids were well taken care of while we were gone.  In fact when we got home I am not quite sure we were even missed.  This is the sign of good babysitting:)

I had numerous conversations with Alyssa who kept me up to date on the happenings in Arizona while we were in Utah.  My favorite phone conversation went something like this. 

"Mom, I have to tell you two things.  One of the them you will worry about, and the other you won't.  The one thing I have to tell you that I don't think you will worry about, I am really worried about.  The thing you are worried about is that the tile guy came and put the tile in the kitchen.  He did a good job so you don't have to worry.  The second thing I am really worried about but I don't think you will be but should be is that he found three scorpions in the garage cupboards.  One was dead, but the other two got away.  Now I know you aren't worried, but I really am!"  

My 10 year old Alyssa makes me smile from ear to ear.  She is diligent in all things....just like her Dad, and not always like her Mom.  

We got home a Monday afternoon.  Needless to say at bedtime everyone was committed to 10 minute scorpion checks in their bed:)  

The weather here in Arizona is seriously gorgeous these days.  We are in swimsuits at least twice a day and I love it!  I was born for the desert sun !  I really can't imagine living and loving anywhere as much as we love it here.  This morning when we woke up Cath set up table and chairs in her tent.  I brought out some food, and Cath and Sam had a little tea party of sorts....tent style.  

I couldn't resist snapping some shots.  This free people tent I bought Catherine for her birthday has been the BEST investment made to date for this girl.  We use it daily.  It is propped under shade and used OFTEN!  

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