Friday, April 10, 2015

April is a month of birthdays around here.  Mike, Sam and I all have birthdays within a week of each other.  It is also a month when I love to spruce things up wardrobe wise.  I love to shop the month of April.....more than any other time of year.  It is always refreshing to revamp my wardrobe and freshen up with accessories during the spring months. 

I love "fashion" (as Cath calls it).  I especially enjoy "fashion" in the spring.  I am a visual person of sorts.  So to me fashion is a fun, creative outlet!   

My top favorites the month of April...

1) A great white blouse.  Every year I invest/splurge in a whimsical crisp white blouse.  It is my go to.....through the entire summer and into fall.

2) Espadrilles.  I invested this year in a pair of Tory Burch espadrilles, and I can honestly say I wear them almost every day.  A great pair of shoes can be worth a splurge because they LAST!  

3) A fresh spring tote.  One with a little different shape to it, and a pop of color.  We are lucky to have a Kate Spade outlet not far from our house.   

4) Bright accessories.  I couldn't have a favorite outfit and not be wearing something hot pink. 

And of course an almost three year old blue eyed boy is the BEST kind of accessory!  

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