Thursday, April 9, 2015

Every time I look at pictures of my children I smile ear to ear.  Hum....hence the reason I take a LOT!   I have certain people in my life that are nurturing in nature, and are genuinely good at taking care of people.  My closest friends all share that quality.  They are kind, generous in nature and being around them makes me feel simply "taken care of".  I happen to be very lucky that my oldest daughter Alyssa falls into the above category.  

She was born a nurturer.  Her little spirit has always been larger than her stature.  She is caring, loving and has a gift of "taking care of people".  I have so many vivid memories of her caring nature smoothing over emotions over the years.  One of which included her at the age of 5 with Mike gone all of the time busy with residency, and me on the verge of a physical/emotional break down.  She would climb on my bed give me a huge hug, rub my arm and say "Don't worry Mom, I will take care of you."  One of my most humbling memories of parenthood.   

She truly has a special place in my heart, as do all of my children.  I hope she continues to know and have confidence in her nurturing attributes.  We live in a harsh cruel world.  Teenagers and even pre-teens can sometimes be so "not" nice.  I pray every day that she continues to love and serve others the way she was born with capabilities to do.   Gifts like her nurturing nature are rare and precious!  I am grateful for gifts!  


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