Tuesday, May 5, 2015

80's party....

Last Saturday night my good friend Heather threw an 80's party!  Heather is a great gatherer of people.  It is a quality I surely love about her.  She is always scheming on how she can help others have fun and feel welcomed.  She is the "neighborhood" party planner.  She recruited me as the evenings photographer.  I had a little too much fun and neglected my duties probably a bit too much.  However, I did get some great shots of people I am sure I can use for blackmail someday!  

My cheesy header for a blog I made for the party! 

Me with the party planner!  

Janet Jackson extraordinaire....she has the dance moves to prove it.  

Debbie Gibson was spotted in attendance.  Love these two sisters. 

We could all not stop laughing when these two walked in the door.  His mustache is real by the way!

My friend who happens to be our current landlord aka "Tiffany".  

Another pair of favorite sisters.  Don't let the pose fool you......they are actuall  killer interior designers and inspiring DIYers all over pinterest.  

Cute Kristen....

and a party wouldn't be a party without COREY LUCAS!  Rumor has it his restaurant Rosa's he owns and a Mesa landmark may be opening karoeke:)  

  Such a fun night!!!  Until the next one....


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