Saturday, September 19, 2015

Brigham City and Peach Days

A favorite part of Motherhood....

  Getting in my car with my kids and going on a traveling adventure.  It is something I crave.  I am pretty sure it stems from my own childhood.  The times I spent with my own Mom on small and big adventures in the car were invaluable.  It was in those moments I grew and felt close with her.  Time and to do lists are forced to stop, silence only lasts so long, and conversations unfold about topics important while taking long drives.  Adventures alone with my kids create memories and bonds that are precious to me.  

Last week I loaded up the kiddos and headed up to Utah.  We stopped a long the way a few places.  We ended up in the beautiful mountains of Utah close to midnight.  It felt like midnight anyhow.

 Fall in Utah is amazing.  The weather was perfect for us dying of heat Arizonians.  We loved seeing family and spending time both in Brigham and Salt Lake.

This is how Sam felt about the whole trip in general.  We figured out the trick with traveling with Sam.  We put him in the back back of the car with 15 of his stuffed animals.....and he quietly contently played the ENTIRE ride.  It was the most content I have seen him travel.  He wasn't prodded, poked or teased the entire way.  Goodness.......why did it take me 3 and half years to figure out this solution. Catherine world, daydreaming her life away.

These two buddies.....They have quite the sibling rivalry relationship.  I am pretty sure a referee is needed the most with these two.  Mikey loves to tease, and Cath has been proving some fiesty resolution as of late.

How can you resist this guy and his kisses!

It was peach days in Brigham City and Mike had a chance to meet up with old friends and attend a 20 year high school football state champion reunion.  He flew up on the weekend just in time to meet us for peach days.  The peach day parade has become a favorite event for me.  It reminds me of my Pennsylvania days with parades for EVERY holiday and season.

Sam was ready to join in....

collecting mounds of candy thrown was for sure the highlight for Sam.

It was a great time to spend with extended family, and grow bonds within our own little family.  

It is sometimes really hard to get out the door and make a road trip happen.  The memories made surely are worth it in the end.  


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