Monday, September 21, 2015

Daydreaming of the house

We have six months till our house is complete.  It is going to seem like a long six months........hence the daydreaming.  We have purchased in a Taylor Morrison development so the plans of the house are set as far as the layout/exterior choices etc.  It is so exciting to day dream about the interior space.   
I am trying to be a bit organized and Pinterest is taking on a new meaning for inspiration and ideas. 

The house has an open floorplan concept.  It has a large kitchen family living area and a darling little breakfast nook area.  This is what I have been daydreaming the main area living and breakfast look to consist of.....

Light, bright with accents of color.  

I always love to find and follow fresh young decorators and designers.  My favorite inspiration these days is STUDIO MCGEE based out of Salt Lake City.  They are a young couple, with fantastic taste.  I love there fresh spin on traditional.  

Pretty much dying over the house they decorated in Midway.....everything about the home I love.  I especially love this rug, coffee table and wall art.  

I love this traditional kitchen with a tiny twist....

pagoda gold with blue and white accents.....

The simple bright favorite color wall.

I have LOVED this wallpaper for years.  Somehow....somewhere I need this wallpaper.  A nook would be perfect for it.  

kind of like here......

There are SOOOO many inspirations with homes these days.  These are just a few of my favorites.  

Great to daydream. 

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