Monday, September 28, 2015

This past weekend was just the right about of busy.  I often have felt this past year that life has gotten a little busy for comfort and health wellness:)   However, this weekend the pace was just right.  It felt balanced.  I had some great family time, time alone with Mike, photography time, and time with good girlfriends.  I attended an uplifting and wonderful women's conference at my church that filled my soul.    I even fit in a couple of naps.  

Photography has been a labor of love over the years.  Honestly.....a labor of love is exactly what it is.  I got interested in photography mainly because I wanted to capture moments with my children and not have to pay an arm and a leg for images.  The more I delved into photography the more of a passion it became.  

I have kept my pricing down low and have been committed to inexpensive photos shoots. really is a labor of love.  The cost of equipment, time etc. is not inexpensive and I have gained a greater appreciation for  photographers who charge a lot of money.  

With that being said....I have and will never turn anyone away from having photos taken because of price.  The past couple of weekend I ran a special for back to school mini sessions.  I only charged $10 a child per two images.  It was a labor of love, but oh how I enjoy it.  

I love meeting people, being outside, interacting with children, framing a setting or a shot.  I love it all.  It is invigorating to my I continue to do it.  I go through phases when I need a break.  I don't like to shoot inside.....and it has to work with my schedule.  

With that being said....I have loved setting aside time for the past couple of weeks and doing something I love.  

These are just a couple.....from about a million that I loved......

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