Friday, September 25, 2015

Yesterday.....and turning 6.

Yesterday was Catherine's birthday.  She turned the big 06!  I know every year I think I can't believe she is getting so big......but this year it really hit me.  I am pretty sure it is because she has gone from my stay at home all day with Mom girl to all day kindergarten.  

Yesterday was a crazy busy day.  I had a list of a million things to do.  They all seemed important and I wasn't sure how to fit it all in the day.  Many of which in hindsight.....were not important -  but at the time my list always seems crucial and vital.   Things on my list included:  exercise (I always feel better when I get that one in), post office, editing back to school mini session photos, cleaning (my house looked like a hurricane hit), grocery store shopping for b-day party, laundry, buying balloons (I had to go across town for the big ones), wrapping presents, paper work for my husband jobs, checking on new house progress.  The bottom list seemed long, and exhausting even at the start of the day.  

A month ago Mikey came home and said "Why don't you ever come to our school and bring us lunch.  Will you please bring me pizza on my birthday?"  I was kind of confused and didn't quite realize I could even do that.  In Pennsylvania school rules are more strict and that wasn't an option.  I asked Mikey more about it.   He then replied "Mom I really want you to come on my birthday to school." 

It melted my heart that he would even want me to come and eat lunch with him at school.  With Catherine's birthday yesterday I knew it would be a surprise to show up at the school with a couple of pizza's and get all three of my kids out of class for lunch in the school courtyard. list of "to do's" just seemed too long.  I was scheduled to bring cupcakes into Cath's classroom and help in the afternoon....and thought that was surely enough to fill my birthday Mom duty.  Especially since I was throwing her a little birthday party in the afternoon.  

I am grateful for listening to my gut and instinct.  On a whim I scratched my list and headed straight from Little Caesar's to the school at lunchtime.  I signed in and headed to the courtyard to wait for the kindergarten class to walk through on the way to the cafeteria.  When the little line of kindergarten classes passed through the courtyard I spotted Cath immediately and her face lit up a thousand times over.  It was such a sweet moment.  

She immediately came over gave me a big hug and I knew no matter what else I did that day.....this was exactly where I needed to be.  It wasn't long after that Mikey's line passed through.....and again his face was priceless.  He snagged two of his buddies to join us for pizza.  I am so grateful I listened to what I knew I should do as a mother.  
I took Mikey to Alyssa's class and had her excused a few minutes early from her lunch to join us in the courtyard.  

We had a family lunch in the courtyard with pizza and smiles.  I don't always put my list aside as a mother and do what really matters most.  It is hard to "fit it all in".  However, I am surely grateful yesterday that I cut out my list more than in half and headed straight to the school with pizza.  

There will be a time very soon enough when my kids with shrill at the thought of Mom meeting them in their school courtyard for a "pizza lunch".  I am grateful for this sweet memory on Catherine's birthday!  I am GRATEFUL for ALL my "Little's" and unfinished lists.  

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