Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall break was a little different than expected.  Originally I was determined to head out of town.  Mike had to work, but I thought an adventure with the kids would be just want we would want and need.  However, as the time for the break started to draw near I started getting a gnawing in my stomach to stay in Mesa.  I wanted to fight the feeling.....I actually tried many a times.  We had plans to go to visit family in California, and then we had friends that wanted to meet us in San Diego and in Mexico.  To the outside world it was no brainer.  Go!  Go be with friends/family!  Even to my husband....he encouraged us to leave without him during his busy schedule this week.   However that feeling in my stomach continued and it became a stupor of thought in my mind to leave.

Mother's intuition is amazing.....and it is real as day.  I have learned in my life that the gnawing in my stomach and the stupor of thought is more than intuition.  I know it is Heavenly Father's way of telling me something is not right.  However sometimes recognizing feelings as feelings from God is difficult and faith trying.  Doing something that you know you need to do is not always fun, and can sometimes logically not make sense.  

Within two days of the fall break little Sam came down with walking pneumonia.  He had heavy breathing and fevers all night.  What a relief that I listened to my intuition and stayed at home for him to get better.  It was a reminder to me that listening to intuition is ALWAYS important no matter how small or trivial it may seem.  

We didn't get to break waves at the beach and frolic in the sand.  We didn't get to visit my darling brother and his wife who we REALLY REALLY wanted to see.  However, we did create some of our own memories here in good old Mesa.  

Favorite memories of our fall break so far include.....

A family night cookout with Mikey telling ghost stories too scary for all of our own good.....
A family field trip to downtown Mesa.....and a mini trip to the IDEA museum
Teaching my kids how to weed every day this week....yes I am a proud Mom of this one:)  
Watching episode after episode of the TV drama "Heartland" with Catherine and Mikey till late late hours of the night.  
Discovering a new favorite fabric store in nearby Chandler
Daily runs to yogurtland and Taco Bell (my kids are hooked on Taco Bell as of late, and I am hooked on yogurtland).....we compromise and hit both places:) 
Mikey getting to be an all star on his baseball team not just because he is good but because he is the ninth player that barely makes them eligible to play because everyone else is out of town
Watching Mikey and Catherine trying to do 100 push ups every night.  Mikey came up with the idea of him doing 100 push ups every night in return for me letting him play tackle football next year.

The simple pleasures of week off of school!   

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