Monday, October 5, 2015

Outdoor School

Today was the big day Alyssa has been waiting for....

Outdoor School!  

This is the first time she has ever been on an overnight away field trip from her family.  I can't believe how much she is growing up before my eyes.  I was looking at pictures from a year ago and realized that she has grown at least 4 inches this past year. 

It was hard to let her go this morning.  Comforted that she is rooming with her very best friend, a sigh of relief sets in.  She has great leaders and teachers.   She had a smile from ear to ear this morning after she gave me about 10 hugs.  Oh....I love her hugs.   I am not quite sure how this family is going to run and survive without her.  She is my planner, organizer, and little helper.  

I am so grateful for her sweet soul.  She was concerned she would get sick on the way to camp on the bus.  She gets terrible motion sickness.  I tucked a little baggie in her backpack just in case and gave her a whiff of motion sickness medicine.  It is the little things that seem big at that age.  She was concerned she had just the right gear and was particular she had everything on her list crossed off.   At dinner last night she gave the family a full itinerary of her schedule over the next 3 days of camp.  A slight relief came over me realizing that I didn't have to be in charge of her itinerary for a few days.:)   

It has been five hours since she left and I already miss her.  My Mom use to always of her famous quotes "I wish I could just be tucked away in your pocket and watch you."  Today I understood the meaning of that quote on a whole new level with my Alyssa.  I looked at her....gave her a big hug when she left and said "I can't wait to hear, I wish I could be tucked away in your pocket and see how much fun you are having."  

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