Friday, October 30, 2015

It is this handsome boys birthday....

This picture of Mikey speaks volumes.  He is handsome, reflective, loving, tender, a bit quiet, sincere, strong willed, diligent, interested, active, and all things good that a nine year old boy should be.  I surely love him so much.  The more I see him develop the more I see bits and pieces of those I love most in my own family growing up remind me of my Mikey.  

This birthday he wanted to do something special with his buddies.  He wanted to make sure it was something that his friends would enjoy.  We loaded up these darling boys and headed to some desert trails for a little dirt biking of sorts.  

I am truly amazed at energy of nine year old boys.  They are little men at this age, and are very observant.  I love being a Mom to my Mikey.  I am off to the races today with his actual birthday and Halloween festivities GALORE!  I love thinking and taking time to ponder just how much I love this BOY!  

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