Monday, November 2, 2015

Bon Voyage.....

We have some really good friends who are moving from Arizona to Utah.  We are really going to miss them.  From before our arrival their family has been instrumental to our families easy adjustment in Arizona.  

  We just happen to have three of our children ages line up, and our kids became instant friends from the moment of our arrival.  They are some of the most service oriented, giving people we have met in our lives.  We are grateful for their friendship and example.  They will be missed here by more than a few people. 

Our family hosted a little goodbye open house/party for them Sunday eve.  

As I was prepping for the night, and cleaning/organizing I enjoyed reflecting on our friendship with their family.  

I was able to pull out my favorite table cloths, and gigantic flea market candelabra find.  I haven't quite had the right event until last night to appreciate it.  

Dean and Holly are both equally yoked with amazing qualities.  I will miss Dean and his bow ties, Holly with her makeup tricks.  

I tried to set up just the right ambiance for people to relax on a Sunday eve.  I love hosting!!!  My old wingbacks get the best use for all occasions.  I am not sure I can ever part.  

It really was the perfect Arizona fall evening.  The weather was just right!    

We shared favorite experiences friends have had with the Offrett family.  There were many.....

My husband kindly help me string cafe lights through the yard.  He was patient with me and my antics....

Candles are my favorite ambiance trick.  

We wore out the kids.....

Lots of stories were shared.....

We hate to say goodbye, but are grateful they are moving to my hometown and will see them soon!  

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