Tuesday, November 24, 2015

  I have learned something over time.  It is something that I am reminded of daily.

 EMBRACE the life in which you are living.  

At certain times in my life I have found this to be a bit of a challenge (an understatement).  However, as soon as I embrace the challenge and feel gratitude for the things in my life that are good.....happiness and peace are felt.  When I embrace the surroundings in which I live, I am able to find a love and a passion for my surroundings.  

Arizona has not been a difficult place to embrace unlike others I have lived and had to learn to love and embrace.  However, I never really imagined myself living in the desert.  That is why it is so incredibly amazing and remarkable how much I LOVE it!  It feels like home.  The sun, the sand, the desert landscape.....the crisp dry air.  I remember vividly crossing the state line driving with my kids in the backseat and Mike in the car following.  We had driven for 3 days cross country from the East leaving a life behind.  It was hearth wrenching to say goodbye to the past and to Pennsylvania.  It was also relieving to recognize a hard path we had completed with Mike's long drawn out training.  

I will never forget passing the sign that said "Welcome to Arizona".  Tears filled my eyes, and I just knew.  I just knew this was a place filled with new beginnings, hopes in horizons and satisfaction found in sunsets.  I know ....cheesy.  But sometimes....you just know things.  Holidays are times of reflection.  As much as I miss and love the memories of past holiday traditions....I love the traditions that we are beginning to make here in Arizona.

Our Holiday's consist of 

citrus orchards.....

and blowing sand....not snow in the desert for the Holiday's!

Cutie Cath  as my desert girl......


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