Monday, November 23, 2015

Mike and I met this family 10 years ago in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Little did we know when our paths first crossed Deanne would be a cohort in crime the rest of my hopeful very long life.:)    

My first memory of Deanne was her speaking at a stake women's conference meeting.  She somehow managed to tie in spiritual concepts while demonstrating a fashion show what not to wear.  I knew immediately I needed her in my life.  She has charisma a plenty and whit to boot.

We have laughed a lot.....daily, cried a....LOT, laughed some more, shopped, shopped some more, and eaten quite well along the way.  She has shared her secret recipes (she has some good ones), and solves many of my problems.  She helps keep me focused on tasks at hand, and we remind each of other of what truly is important.  Our conversations can be quite hilarious really.  We can be talking about what mascara works best one minute, crying about how life is terrible the next, and wrap up the conversation with a motivational scripture at the end.

We are opposites in some ways.  Best friends often are.  I think that's why we get along so well.
She is blunt and direct, my nature is more private and discreet.  She is organized and efficient, I tend to be chaotically organized and creatively distracted (I am trying to be nice to myself).  She says what I often think, and I say what she often wants to hear.  We are a good duo the two of us.  kind of yin and yang.... of sorts.    

Those are the best kind of friends.  I am grateful for good friends!

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