Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Mother was creative beyond measure, and sincere in every way.  I miss her daily and I often think of her wisdom.  She taught me so much....spiritually and temporally.  

My Mother had an amazing ability to create.  I especially appreciated her ability to create beautiful centerpieces and floral arrangements for just the right occasion.   My Mother's creativity was innate and passed down from my Grandma Harrington.   Her sisters Aunt's... share the same amazing genius that my Mother had.  

 My Mom was resourceful in her creativity.  She used "items in season".  I remember at a young age being in awe of a beautiful cabbage floral arrangement she created for a fancy dinner party.  

The other day I came across giant branches of brussel sprouts.  Instead of brainstorming recipes, I immediately thought of a beautiful and unique centerpiece that could be made using them. I felt my Mother's influence and shared love that I possess for a love of creating.  I am not nearly as talented as my Mom, but I share and eternal love in creating beautiful centerpieces "using items in season".  Whenever I create I think of my Mom, and I feel connected to her through eternities.  I am grateful for that gift.  

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