Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Friday morning.....I ran to my favorite store Anthropologie.  It was an extra 30 percent off the sale....need I say more.  I walked in and found these darling plates......

They were 30 percent off the sale price.  I jumped at the chance to buy a few.  A few because this is what my budget allowed for.  I  hate budgets but that is an entirely separate and not very much fun blog post.  

My friend Deanne sent me a picture of the plates below her sister had bought at a Walmart in North Carolina. 

 15 minutes later at 9:30 pm at night, I had Deanne by my side and we were on a one track stop to Walmart to pick us up some of these darling plates.  The best kind of friends are the ones who you pick up practically in pj's to hit a great sale or adventure of sorts.  

I was thrilled because I was able to buy a few Walmart plates and bowls to compliment my Anthropologie finds and still stay within my budget.  

An all around budget success story.  I would share with Mike but for some reason he doesn't think plates and bowls are quite as necessary as I do.:)  I guess I will just have to host a party.  


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