Friday, December 18, 2015

We found out some news recently.  Our new house will be ready to close the end of January!  Yikes.....hence my lack of blogging.  Holiday prep, traveling, and getting ready to close on a new house, and quite a number of photo sessions has been keeping me a bit swamped.  

A few weeks ago we went to Texas to meet up with some of our best friends from 10 years ago during Mike's first years of medical school.  They live on about 30 acres in a tiny town in West Texas.  I LOVE exploring new places and getting a feel for different cultures and traditions around the United States.   

Mike went hunting for the first time.  We brought some of our good friends from Mesa who are are experts at hunting, shopping and know there cowboy boots.  It was such a great weekend. reliving that weekend is bringing fond memories during a bit of a stressful week.  

Her town had the most darling store that we were all dying over....

Everything from the ceilings to the walls were charming.

A big moment for me holding my first loaded gun.  I was smiling ear to ear.  Cybil and Debbie had me laughing the entire weekend.  

If only....I could get away with hot pink wood floors in my house......

I would have bought this lamp....but it wasn't for sale.  

Pretty sure both Debbie and I were born in the wrong era.....we needed these hats!

I could be converted to flamingos in my yard with these darling ones.

These darling girls are the best.  A memory I will forever cherish!  

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