Friday, January 15, 2016

As of late.....I haven't picked up a has been a much need break.

We have...... 

two weeks until we close on our new house.  I am not sure I have been quite so excited about something in a long long time.  There is something about moving into a place that you know will be YOUR home.  Something that we have worked hard for.......stability.  At least stability for now.  We know where our physical home will be.  A relief to be done scouring zillow daily, and looking at every possible for sale sign at every little turn.

I have been nesting of sorts in my mind as of late.  I have been scouring pinterest, fabric stores locally and online.  I have become my own interior decorator...... a little bit madly obsessed.   I can't wait to be able to physically get our hands on our home after we close to fine tune details of the house.  I can't wait to paints some walls, add some trim, organize closets, add a backsplash etc.  

This house is not the most important thing in my life.  However, it has been consuming time, and much of thought.  I am kind of excited for my thought process to put to action.  
Since I can't physically go into the house until we close and work out details.....I  have been organizing and cleansing the rental we have grown to love and adore.  

This week I finally figured out the best way to arrange my front room....and have it exactly how I want it.....just in time to move.  My lampshade was a favorite christmas gift from favorite people.  It completes the room.

We will miss this place that we have called home for a year and a half.  We have the best memories, and have gained wonderful friendships.  It has been a huge blessing in our life to be near the best school for our kids, and great support in our church nearby. 

We are lucky to be moving so close and nearby to this sweet spot.  

I can't wait for the adventures ahead and I have some exciting plans for my home I am excited to document along the way.        

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