Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day!

Mother's day and emotions......there is always so much to say....and no words to express.  I am just so grateful!  I am grateful and humble to recognize the love of a mother.  The love that my own mother showed towards me is indescribable.  I love and miss her daily.  Her eyes were a  window to her soul.  She was/is the most loving, kind, amazing woman I have ever known!  

I have a list of to do's today....but wanted to post some pictures for memory!  

I told my family....I'll be in charge of setting the table....if you do all the clean up!:)  They agreed!

My new gold silverware from Target was my mother's day gift!  I LOVE IT!

My new fabric I bought off of etsy.....$5.00 a yard/tommy bahama.  I LOVE IT!  If I could wallpaper a room out of it I would....MIKE won't let me:(

Cath was my right hand man in the decor for the day!  


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