Friday, May 13, 2016

I was in the mood to take pictures this afternoon and edit them.....

This is the reaction I got from cute Cath about that.  

So instead I handed the camera to her....had her point and hold it.....

snap snap snap....I even found a prop.  

I can post about how much I love PHOTOSHOP!  It is amazing and can literally take years off your life:)  I am all for the skin smear action.   I also can blog about my favorite spring wardrobe finds I have found at my favorite store as of late...


I have become a huge ZARA fan.  The prices, unique clothing, good quality, and great prices.  I found lots of great skirts dresses for summer there recently.  Here in Arizona I am all about cool and comfortable starting right about now with the heat!    

A blog post that was intended for something else....and ended up about me and shopping.  HAH!  Thank goodness it is Friday!  

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