Monday, May 16, 2016

This past weekend was an emotional/spiritual weekend.  A really good friend of mine had a son who passed away.  He had struggled with drug abuse for years.  It was a surprise, but not a a surprise for the family when the news came.  He had spent the majority of his last two years of life either in jail or in rehab.   He was a sweet sweet boy with a heart of a gold and a major problem.   A problem that eventually took his life.   

My good friends sister is my best friend in Arizona.  Deanne and her family planned a beautiful funeral to honor this son/nephew they adored and loved.  I had been able to spend time and get to know him a bit during the last couple of years.  He was full of energy and charisma....something that everyone cherished and was evident in remarks at the funeral.  

A darling picture I got to snap the day after he got home from rehab at Christmas.  It really puts life in perspective and I was able to recognize on a poignant level this past weekend what really matters.  Family and my belief in God and his eternal plan!  

His family was long suffering and kind.  They were patient and full of hope this past week while mourning and planning the funeral.  It was inspiring and motivating for me to become a better person.  

My own family is what is most important to me.  The little things matter.  The little things add up to be big things.  We can't control decisions that our children may make, but we can control how we love them and help them unconditionally.  

It was a tender weekend.  

This little 4 year old is extra scrumptious these days.  

Sunday shenanigans....with these kiddos.  

paper airplanes at there best!

A four year old boys imagination is real and adorable!  

We LOVE our  SAM!!


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