Friday, August 5, 2016

A picture tells a thousand words.  

I  have not been as great about writing as of late.  We have been on the road so to speak.  It wouldn't be a Sumko summer without a trip to Utah to see both sides of the family. 

I spent a lot of time this trip around the Northern part of Utah.  I have grown to love Northern Utah and the beauty that surrounds it.  We enjoyed adventures in Logan, and southern Idaho with cousins and just our little family!  

A highlight every year when we visit Utah is a trip up north near Soda Springs Idaho,  a tiny dot of a town called Wayan, Idaho.  Mike's extended family has a cabin there and we are able to stay a few days of the summer.  It is truly beautiful!  

A picture is worth a thousand  words, but still does not do justice to the true beauty of being there.  The few days in Idaho is a peaceful time EVERY year I look forward to.  

Fields of gold during the sunset hour were a highlight.  

I took my "good" camera this trip but in all honestly rarely pulled it out.  Up in Idaho I snapped some shots.  I have a fear of being the "annoying Aunt and Mom who is CONSTANTLY snapping pictures".  My kids lately have been protesting more to photos.  They are getting oh so grown up.  I felt this trip like I needed to choose my photos wisely. still game for photo shoots.  

Large Aspen trees remind me of my own growing up visiting Aspen grove and Sundance, Utah every summer for weeks at a time.  

Mike snapped this shot.  We took a long four wheel ride up a beautiful mountain at sunset.  Love Mike's silhouette in my shades.  The VIEW!!!! AMAZING!!!

On top of the world as we know it!  LOVE HIM!  

There is a freedom about being in nature surrounded by cows, and pastures surrounding.  

Cath on top of  a tree house....overlooking us all.  A fear of heights just looking at this photo.  What kind of mother would let her climb.  Sometimes.....I have no control!:)  

The house in which we stay every a family house where 12 children were raised.  It is old, worn, and rugged.  It is a house you can sense has been filled with joy, dedication, and hard work.  

I again think that I love this cabin so much because it reminds me of the cabin we had growing up.  It was our family cabin, and a haven of sorts.  We would visit every summer for two weeks at a time.  It was peaceful, relaxing and filled with happy moments.   I love places where memories are created.  The old, the sentiment behind the walls.....

It was a happy place and happy memory.  CONTENT and unfiltered!  At least for a few minutes....hah:)    

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Amber said...

Absolutely stunning photos. You seriously have a true talent! :) Amber