Friday, August 5, 2016

Since I have been home

Since I have been home I have been doing laundry and organizing up to my ears.  It is amazing how in a month time things need to be re - arranged, washed, and organized.  

Household duties have been calling!  Good thing part of me loves it.  Well the part of having it done that is.  

I just made drapes with fabric I had lying around for about 2 years!  Finally.....I JUST did it.  
Amazing what a little spring cleaning will do!  

I bought these Chinoiserie pillows at AT HOME!  They were only 12 dollars.....and I LOVE THEM!  That store is a great new find for me and my shopping bargains.  

Sam my man as my helper extraordinaire!  

If I have to clean....I may as well enjoy cleaning and documenting along the way!    

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