Friday, December 23, 2016

photo shoot and a birthday

Yesterday was a day of a few different events.  In fact my days as of late could probably be better described as mini days when combined make one.  In the morning I played photographer for a friend whose daughter is getting married next Wednesday.  A story behind that story for another day.   

It was rainy which is rare here in Arizona.  However, for a moment in time the clouds parted and I was able to forget craziness of life and lose myself in photography for a moment.  

I have only had a chance to edit a few from the shoot.  The overcast weather was seriously dreamy for these photos.  The lighting was amazing!!  I surely love when things come together like the way they did.  

Last night Alyssa had a little birthday party of sorts.  We have celebrated her for basically the entire week.  She has had a week full of well deserved attention.  Having a birthday at Christmas can be kind of difficult and a bit forgotten.  

Her birthday party consisted of taking her friends to Village Inn for a breakfast dinner of sorts.  Pajamas were worn, music blaring from my car as we drove around the block by request 5 times while listening to Justin Beiber.  A dance party was had and lots of laughing and silliness occurred.  The perfect 12 year old birthday of sorts.  

I had about 5 minutes to frost and decorate a cake.....but I must say....I kind of loved how it turned out!  

A reminder a few sprigs of greenery ......and simplicity of nature can go a long way.....

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