Monday, December 19, 2016

I was able to squeeze in a photo session of a friend of mine a week ago.   Amy called me sheepishly about getting her pictures taken with her daughter.  She has been a single Mom with her daughter for over 10 years and expressed she never had the courage to take family pictures because she felt like a family that didn't fit in to the "norm" as a single mother.  She expressed how difficult it has been for her year after year to get christmas cards of beautiful families that she felt she never measured up.  Her candid words and honesty touched my heart because I view her as a strong complete woman......a woman without guile....and a woman of much virtue.   

It touched my heart.  Mothers are mothers in all shapes and sizes in the world we live.  Mothers make the world go round and round, and this beautiful mother NEEDED to take these pictures.  I felt thrilled and honored that she would ask me to do this for her. 

What beautiful amazing woman that have touched my life just by being who they are.  

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