Saturday, December 3, 2016

The past two months have been a bit of blur.  It has been filled with sorrow, peace, joy, stress, business, gratitude, amazement, anxiousness, array of emotions and events.  So many that I just can't even quite to begin to explain, unfold or vent about.  This post is starting with TODAY!  Today has been an eventful (per usual Saturday in our house)  football game, piano recital, temple session, photo session, photo editing, 4 loads of laundry, grocery shopping, digital printing, christmas card ordering, christmas light hanging, phone call making, dinner organizing for 2 families.....and it is only 7:00 pm.  To document actually helps me realize and feel better that although my list is still not even close to complete.....I have gotten quite a load done.  

My lack of blogging has not been by choice, but rather by survival.  I miss my air time on this little space of mine.  I love to vent, to journal and to contemplate life while appreciating the little things all at once.  Writing and photography are a creative outlet.  I am old school....and so is my blog.  It is not updated, or fancy, or anything I am trying to prove.  It is my escape.  My escape and my creative  perspective.  My daughters room doesn't look as perfect EVER as it does in my few weeks ago post.  However, I love to post what I wish it would look like every day:)  I love to blog, I love to document, and truly miss it when time doesn't quite permit.  Like anything.....I just have to make more time.  I need to somehow manage to squeeze it into my list of to do's.    

We got family pictures done a few weeks ago.  I used a now friend that I have followed now for about 2 years.  She is an AMAZING photographer and I absolutely LOVE her style and editing!  I would describe her as "the perfect mix" for photography.  Formal, but not too formal, warm but not too warm, cool but not too cool....just right on all accounts.   Photography is an art and it is not as easy as it appears.  I have grown to appreciate a talented photographer more and more.  Elle Schabel is fantastic.  

I am grateful she captured my little family the way that she did.  I love to dress up and I love some good old fashion black and white with a hint of old school.  Peter pan collars, lace, oxford loafers, and suspenders are at the top of my list of favorites.  So naturally I bribed my crew with icecream and who knows what else to go along with my vision:)  

My best friend Deanne lives in an amazing gated community.  One of the most beautiful it was just the right venue for some fancy shots.  


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