Monday, December 5, 2016

Trying to pack in Christmas and traditions is tricky with the business of schedules activities and life.  The small and simple traditions are always favorite memories.  Last night we had some of our dear family friends over for soup and rolls after church and then headed to see the lights at the Mesa, Temple.  

It was beautiful jacket weather with just my kind of crisp in the air (meaning not much)!  

It was kind of the perfect night with some of our very dearest friends!!!  

This morning as I was driving Sam leaned forward and was begging me to take him to Target to buy a toy.  I reminded him that Santa Claus was going to be coming soon, so not to worry.  He then said in a complete serious tone "But Mom I need more toys today because my toys are shrinking.  They are old mom, and they are shrinking....I need new toys."  4 year old's say the funniest and most creative things to get what they want!  My Sam tops the list with some of his phrases as of late.  

I came home from a few errands and have been working on editing some photos I took for my dear friends daughters Highschool Winter Formal.  Wow....a good looking crew they were.  

Times have certainly changed.  Pictures taken at dances are no more, and photo shoots before the dance are the "thing" around here!  The pressures teenagers have today I do not envy.  However, the strength so many have is simply quite amazing!   

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