Monday, December 12, 2016

This weekend was filled.....with Christmas festivities.

I was able to be a major part of planning of few activities this past weekend which required quite a bit of work from a lot of different people.  

The first one was an enrichment night for the woman in my church.  I have the most amazing people in my life that are always creative and always just get it DONE!  My friend Amy was in charge of the food and she went above and beyond with such a darling idea that turned out perfectly.  

We made simple grilled cheese sandwiches, a hot chocolate bar with yummy add ins like vanilla, coconut, and marsh mellows.  My favorite part was a donut bar of sorts with carmel sauce, candied bacon, and powder sugar.  Amy bought simple donut holes from dunkin donuts and had add ons extraordinaire.  I literally didn't have the mind set to even snap a few photos that wouldn't have done the buffet justice.  It was the best idea (I didn't come up with)....and Amy executed it perfectly!  

We had a Christmas breakfast for our church this past weekend, which also consisted of quite large amount of work....and pictures to show for it.  Santa was my favorite part......along with the 200 kids that were there.  Hence....the reason no pictures were taken by me:)  Santa pulled up in fancy convertible wearing sunglasses.  It was 70 it was only fitting for Santa to be wearing some shades and show up in style. 

I feel quite a sense of relief this Monday....after a fun filled full weekend.  Decorating is on my mind.  Never done with decorating...especially this time of year.  My favorite room in the house has finally come to fruition.  This little music/office room of mine has become my favorite nook in the house since my settee purchase arrived.      

My little Sam is my best bud and don't  know how I am go to cope when he goes to kindergarten!  

even if he is constantly jumping on my favorite furniture....:)

smiles on cue....every time....well not really.... but love those cheeks of his!

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