Sunday, December 18, 2016

Saturday was a day for dividing and conquering with the kids.  Mikey had a championship football game the exact time that Catherine had her Christmas dance recital....the same time Alyssa had her  first club volleyball tournament.  Good thing Sam my man is not a man of places to be yet:).  Mike and I had to divide conquer to make it work this weekend.  Goodness I am grateful for him, and the fact that his schedule actually allows him to be able to divide children duties with me as of recent years.   

Christmas is a busy time for lots of different reasons.  Constantly pulled in different directions yesterday was a reminder that despite important kids really are MOST IMPORTANT to me and to Mike.  All other things....just kind of are.  These kids are where it is at.  Nightly events have tempted to pull me away from these kids of mine.  However, what comes to mind every time I make a choice is "what would my own parents do?"  The answer is very clear "every chance and time spent with your own kids is time worth spending".  

Alyssa is turning 12 this week.  A big week in her life events as she graduates from primary forever.  She truly is a young woman .....and wow.....I love her.  The best Christmas present there ever was five days before Christmas 12 years ago.  

She was a tiny little bundle at only 6 lbs. 5 ounces.  with beautiful dark features from the get go.  She had a shrill in her cry.........a vibrato of sorts.  Full of mischief from an early age and an adventurer at heart.  She has a deep and fierce  LOVE of people and is loyal beyond.  She has an ability to nurture and make those around her feel like a million dollars.  She is a mother hen of sorts and a blessing as the oldest in the family.  She has been wise and beyond her years from early age.  

We love this girl of ours and can't wait to be a part of her life and history in the making.  She is my best friend, confidant, and go to girl.  I adore her and everything about her.  

So although life is not is simply put.  My kids are my everything just the way that they are!  LOVE YOU ALYSSA!  So blessed to call you my daughter!

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