Monday, January 16, 2017

Mondays are always a start to a new beginning.  I have something that I struggle with as of late.  It is  ALWAYS feeling like there is more I could or should be doing.....and never feeling quite adequate for the tasks at hand in my life.  It is just this simple.  Kind of hard to admit.....however honesty with how I really feel is necessary for my emotional well being:)  

However I woke up this morning with a new resolve.  A resolve to tackle life without guilt.  A resolve to recognize that I am not ever going to feel quite adequate for tasks at hand because I am only human.  I am a moving part in this life larger than myself ......trying and learning every single day.  I can continue to try to be better at things I feel I am failing.  Not everyone is going to like me, and not everyone is going to agree.  That is part of living, and that is OK!:)  

So here we go on this Monday morn.  I can wake up, get out of bed, make my bed, put on my favorite LARGE earings and be happy to work work and work!  I can be present, be real and own that life is full of learning.  Cheers to Monday morning reality set-ins.  

I am quite in love with LARGE earings over the past year or so.  Jcrew has plenty that always seem to go on sale!  Just don't pull.......  

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