Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yesterday I was at Trader Joe's buying some flowers.  It is my go to for quick fix on go to spot on the fly.  I was gathering my little grouping and I had this really nice older lady ask me if I regularly bought flowers at Trader Joe's and if I thought they were good quality and lasted.  I shared with her my complete testimony of Trader Joe's because I am a HUGE FAN!  She then commented that it looked like I was having a party to be buying "all" of these flowers.  I looked at her and quickly without even thinking said "I plan the party to actually have the excuse to buy the flowers."  

At that point I realized I had spoken a bit of a Jenn "true ism".   I LOVE flowers, and I love to entertain (most of the time).....and the two always go hand in hand for me. Flowers make my entertaining world go round.  

I found the most adorable little vases the other night at a favorite treasure hunting spot. 

mini chinoiserie vases!!!! So adorable!!!....and a perfect gift for just the right person.  

I had a relief society birthday lunch at my house this afternoon.  Every month I host the same lunch with a group of amazing and different woman celebrating their birthday in a particular month.  It is one of my favorite things about my month....TRULY TRULY!  I get to know amazing and unique women that are celebrating different ages and different birthdays.  The numbers are small and the mix random....just the way it should be.  I love the idea of celebrating different amazing women each month who do so much for so many people.  There are so many incredible women in this world, and I am lucky to be part of an organization that celebrates the divine nature of women!  

I have to admit....I am loving the not quite frosted perfectly cake look that seems to be trending.  I know....very homemade looking, but a success that my cake has yet to crumble!  I am almost declaring myself as a cake maker!!!

Menu served monthly:

Chicken Salad Sandwich's served on croissants
Cut up Seasonal Fruit
Cake & Ice Cream

peanut butter sandwiches for the Little's we love who tag a long.

Finished the lunch just in time for the Little's to come home with backpacks, homework, and smelly shoes they throw astray!  

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