Friday, January 20, 2017

Reorganizing shelves....and reading some good must be January!

Best book I have bought in the NEW YEAR!  

It is simple quotes from a woman that is an American Icon.  

Some of the subtitles and philosophies from the book I LOVE:

Believe in Miracles
Be Present
Teach Your Children Well
Be Loyal
Love Much
Listen Well
Laugh Often
Be Genuine
Distinguish Between Lonely and Alone
Practice Acceptance
Find a Peaceful Place
Live Simply
Have Faith
Be Needed

A great read for the month of January especially with the new year still in full bloom!

When it comes to style she was basically every women's icon and here is what I love what she is quoted as saying in this book:

Know Yourself  
Less is More 
Comfort is Crucial 
Avoid Trends

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