Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Spring Cleaning

There is something about starting a new.....and a good spring clean.  

The Christmas decorations have been down for a while and I love the crisp clean decor during the month of January.  Really less is more.  I have been cleaning and de-junking of sorts.  It feels amazing.  

My down stairs was extra clean this morning so I snapped a few shots with my NEW (exciting news) camera I got for CHRISTMAS!!  

Cath....my silly balerina was a ham (per usual) and WAS dying for me to take a couple of photos of her in her ballet attire. We had a house full of kids today and every single girl that entered left with makeup galore from Cath's makeover kit she recently acquired.
I just apologized to the Mom's and sent their four year old daughters out the door with wet wipes.  What do you do with this rascal.  

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