Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The other day my friend and I Christina went on a big trip.......when I mean big.....I mean 30 minutes away to a place called Sun City, Arizona.   It is a place inhabited by many people over the age of 70 which often times means one thing......slow drivers and fantastic thrift shopping.  We came upon these two century chairs in perfect condition.  We both loved and were not sure which one of us needed them more.  Naturally......we decided to each buy a chair and share the joy.  They are at my house this week...or month....and will be at Christina's shortly. 

Friends that buy chairs together, are friends that stay together.  Our mantra for the day.  We were also laughing with each other about how our conversation went from simplifying our house....to adding in one full swoop of finding treasures.  

This perfect shade of gold velvet ended up in my suburban as well.  

There is something about getting away, if only for a few hours, to a not far but far away spot.  Treasure hunting at its best with best friends who love it as much as me.....is my kind of staycation!  

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