Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beautiful little blooms! 

I went shopping during the week of my birthday with a couple of girlfriends, and found this skirt at ZARA.  Hook line and sinker bought!  

This skirt represents my favorite things all wrapped into one .... a bow on top is the icing on the cake!  

I wear skirts so often around here with the weather hot and hot!

Today I was near a little market that had this cutest bouquet of flowers.....a perfect present for someone!

My favorite birthday present....artwork by Lynne Millar.  

Now to get it framed in just the right frame, and put in just the right spot!  I love the colors!  It reminds me of rolling hills and the farmlands of Pennsylvania!

On another note.  Mike and I have been reading seven habits of highly effective people.  After thirteen years of trying to bribe him to read it....he finally is.  I love that book and have been thinking about my end in mind.  How to get through loving people with different perspectives.   keeping the end goal in mind is a challenge.  However, I am re-reminded of the wisdom of Steven Covey himself.  LOVE that book and thoroughly enjoyed reading it with Mike!

A few random this journal/scrapbook of sorts!

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