Monday, May 15, 2017

It's all about perspective.

Today I went to the grocery for the after mother's day sale flowers.  They are always marked down after mothers day at the grocery store near me.  I was purchasing my loot and I noticed a particular berry that I especially love.  They were a dollar a bunch and I grabbed a bundle.  A lady nearby saw what I was doing stopped me and said "You know, those aren't going to bloom they are just going to stay the way they are."  I looked at her politely and said "thank you" and went my merry way with my large bundle of berries.  

I was reminded of perspective and perception.  What she thought was a waste, I saw as beauty!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have had experiences with people lately reminding me how different perceptions can be! 

In fact this weekend I had a chance to hike the grand canyon with some girlfriends.  We were each on different fitness levels, and each have different physical attributes.  Every single one of us was stretched in a different way at a different time.  Even though we each had different strengths and weaknesses there was a common factor that got each of us out of that canyon.....grit and determination.  

Finding the common ground strengthened my friendships with these friends.  It also helped us to reach our reach the top of the mountain we embarked.  We each got to the top our own way.  Some ran down at the beginning and were slower towards the end, some ran the entire way, some of us took it slow and steady the entire course of the way.  There was no exact right way to hike the canyon, it was personal.  We supported each other and grew closer despite our strengths and weaknesses.  Friendships were formed, and relationships bonded.    

We all have different perspectives that come from different experiences, backgrounds, and personalities in this life.  It is difficult and sometimes seems impossible to see another's point of view.  However, trying to understand another's perspective is exactly what we need to do to grow and to become better.  I am not always good at this.  In fact at times and in some relationships it is the most difficult task at understand.  However, I see the validity in trying.  I want to be better.  I have a desire to see others more clearly from a different perspective. 

These berries are as beautiful to me as any blooming flower!    

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DeAnn said...

And this my dear is exactly why you are the relief society president