Friday, June 2, 2017

Three things

1) It is really really hot here in Arizona, as in really!
2) Today was the first day in two weeks I pulled out my camera and goodness it makes me happy!  Editing pictures brings a smile ear to ear!
3) Whoever says overalls aren't for women over the age of.....
has never worn them.  Because truly these overalls/jumpsuit is my favorite onesie YET! 

This morning I went to a really tough but great spin cycling class.  I am kind of loving a good exercise routine as of late.  I was with one of my really good friends.  The instructor who is tough kept yelling "gear up".  I looked at my friend in total pain and anguish....she looked at me and then wittingly she said  "well..... it is a good life mantra".  That phrase "gear up" has been with me the rest of the day and is one of the best summer mantras for a mother with school age kids off for the summer. 

Here we go......because it's going to be ride...summer that is.  Cath and her scooter is proof in the pudding!  I have boycotted all commitments with schedules involved this week....minus one meeting.  It has felt HEAVENLY.  All of my kids friends are up and running in camps and we just needed ONE WEEK of nothing!  The kids have stayed up later than they should, slept in, ate way to much cold cereal and pizza for their own good.  I have introduced paper plates to a whole new level of dining......and it has been fabulous.  

We got home from Pennsylvania almost a week ago.  It was a grand and nostalgic adventure.  My favorite part being with family and seeing dear dear friends!  It is a whole five posts worthy of thoughts and emotions associated with the trip.  A thoughtful time of life those 9 years living in the farmlands of PA.  

We are hunkering down and gearing up for our winter/summer in Arizona and it feels great to be here!

For the record Catherine is out of CONTROL on this little electric scooter.  We cleaned out our garage the other day.  The garage we never use....only for storage.... and in the back was this box.  We opened it up and I found one of Cath's missing Christmas presents.  Kind of embarrassing to admit.  However, this electric scooter has been the best thing for Cath since the invention of roller skates!

I really love a good onesie these days.  It must be indicative of me trying to grasp on to my youth.....or just trying to be comfortable....or possibly wishing I was the seven year old in gingham riding the scooter:)

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DeAnn said...

The overalls are so darn cute on you. And oh my gosh that scooter thing is darn funny..