Thursday, August 10, 2017

The kids started school this past week.  Alyssa in Junior High and Sammy in Kindergarten.  This year calls for a big year of changes.  It is quite simply amazing the emotions that are involved with new stages of life.  It is a new era in which I am starting and a lot of mixed emotions to go along with.  This entire day when the kids went off to school my house was just quiet.  Not a word, not a noise and it was a strange feeling to just hear the humming all day of the air conditioner or the washing machine.  I must admit during some parts of the day I felt relief for the quiet, and other times sad missing chaos. 
The moment kids came through the door the quiet oh so quickly left.  And the party began all over again..... or the rigormoral depending how you look at it.  I am happy to say they all survived with what seemed to be flying colors.  They were excited and happy, and a Mom could not be more thrilled with the excitement and energy of new beginnings. 

Note Sammy not pictured....he wasn't quite cooperating and had to choose my battles for the first day of kindergarten.  Fortunately the battle stopped when he got to school and embraced his five little friends who he was lucky enough to have the same teacher as....


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