Sunday, September 3, 2017

just like that

Had to buy this book in the land of Cacti....

Cacti we have all grown to appreciate more around here.  

Cutie Cath being Cutie Cath while appeasing her Mom's need to sew.  

A Couple of old pictures that melt my heart!!!  The coast is always clear with my MIKEY!

Mike and I in our element....shades and all!!  We really would make great beach bums as long as I could wear my bright pink lipstick and wear skirts every once in a while. 

Re- arranging ALWAYS......(aka..cheaper than shopping) and our newest addition to the family and one and only pet names spotty.    

Had to make something to appease my LOVE for this fabric.  Its a pinafore not an apron for those who ask....( husband)

Oh....I LOVE these kiddos. 

They were on one this particulary Sunday....wait....they are ALWAYS ON ONE these days it seems!

Mischief planning at its finest!

Random settings of the tables here and there....

My Alyssa who keeps me hopping.  She is quite the soon to the be full fledge teenager!

Friends that make our world happy are the best kind!!

Cath came along on the ride with the teens to show them how to pose!

A few photo sessions keeping me a float.  The cutest little one year old....

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