Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Since the New Year I feel like my mind has been going a million and one different directions.  In good and bad ways.  It has been difficult for me to hone in on one specific focus, however the positive is I feel like my creative juices have been flowing and I have been quite productive in many ways.  

Life is all about balance....and boy it is a struggle every day.  We are in charge of our destinies and our choices.  With this comes great responsibility.  I heard a quote recently that one of the greatest commodities we have in life is that of our time.  How do we spend our time?

Clearly God and family need to come first.  Without those two things....nothing else matters. With that being said where does our focus go when we need to cope?  Where does our focus go when we need to dream?  For me it comes visually and through the use of my hands.  With my eyes and with my hands I cope with the every day of life.  Visually I am motivated by beautiful things, emotionally I am spiritually I am motivated by words, and thoughts.  

Life is not simple on so many scales.  So many aspects are involved with the fullness of life.  Living spiritually in tune is the goal.  How we get there is different for everyone.  Anyways.....enough of my philosophizing although it soothes my soul to write thoughts down.  

I have been re-arranging my house, brainstorming on new creative outlets, and just picking up my camera a little bit more in the new year!

A little photo shoot with these cuties.  My new orange chair I found for $5 and this beautiful vintage piece of art found at a favorite Scottsdale vintage shop.  

These two......oh I LOVE THEM!  They were hams this particular moment in time as you can see above.  

This table!! It needed a home and my home surely needed this antique find!

I need this piece of art for Alyssa's bedroom.  It is so beautiful....and found it on ETSY.

One more ....I LOVE this one!

This beautiful chair my Mom bought and had covered in this gorgeous family is such a favorite nook in my house.  It is in my guest room....and now I need some more guests!

I don't get tired of certain textiles, and the above is ONE I never get tired of.

Clean lines....

In Arizona it seemed like this book is a must!

I moved these chairs into my bedroom....they are no longer in the spot pictured above.....cheers to the memory!

Roses bloom beautifully in Arizona in January!

decorating early for Valentines Day!

My favorite girls treasure box....

Oh....and I moved this art piece (ie. framed wallpaper piece) into my piano room.  Which means....ART is on my mind.  For a new piece that is. 

The room where I spend A LOT of time.  It has my desk and computer and the organizational part of my life.  

Sam my man hiding.....

And did I mention I am excited about Valentines Day!

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