Sunday, March 22, 2020

It time to start blogging....or writing again.  So many happenings and life just gets to be so busy because we let it...because I let it.  I have let it get so busy I hardly have time to express and feel my thoughts.  I need to express my voice in a safe spot that will listen....and this is it.  Thinking...about making this blog private.

The last couple of weeks like everyone else the corona virus has changed our life.  It has changed because we are simply to be simply put.  It is a talent to stay still.  A talent that is easily forgetten in the busy lives in which we live.  I have found over the past few years busyness has somehow become a badge of honor which is false.  Busyness does not make me or my family better people.

I am grateful for time to re group and re gain priorities.  Time to be...and to be still.  I am thankful for
time to remember exactly what is truly important and why.  I have personally spent a lot of time reflecting and visiting my own personal priorites.  I have a million weaknesses and with the current situations at hand those weaknesses are more exposed than usual.

For of my talents is to enjoy the simple things in life and often the impractical.  When I pack for a trip for example I choose all the things impractical items first (, outfits, jewelry) and then pack the practical things last. Exposing my weaknesses is humbling but rings true to my soul.  If I was asked if I ever wanted to live by myself the answer would be a resounding NO.!  People fuel me.  The more people the better.  I love getting out and just being...with PEOPLE.

It is easy to get discouraged when I focus on the things that I am not good at and the things that I am not doing.  It is important for me to refocus my priorites.  It is equally important for me to figure out talents that I may have that can help those around me.

Talents that I know that I do have because it has been made evident from above:
I have a clear mind
I am able to understand problems
I have an ability to resolve problems
I have love
A lot of love
I have faith
I love beauty and am surrounded by it
I can create beauty
I am unusual and unique...I guess that is a talent?
I have a desire to do good
I have purpose in my life
I have eyes that see beautiful things
I have ears that hear about the beautiful things
I have a gift of gathering
I  LOVE others and my children and my husband
I recognize that motherhoood is most important

These are talents that I sometimes forget I have.  There are so many things that I wish I could do better, and be better at.  I am taking a class offered from a friend and we are reading the book "He did deliver me from bondage" .  Chapter three titled "I know in whom I have trusted."  I am re discovering that to "love the Lord they God with all they heart, with all they might, mind and strength" means to trust in the Lord with every fiber of being - or at least to be willing to practice doing so, having charity for yourself when you fall short.

We all fall short.  I fall short daily, hourly actually.  God doesn't care.  He doesn't want our talents, our shortcomings our money or even our time....he just wants US to come unto him.  I am grateful for the opportunity the older that I get to recognize the grace of GOD.  He just simply wants us as we are...not for who we think we should be.

This past year has been humbling in a million and one different ways.  I have witnessed experiences through friends, others that have changed the way that I view grace.  The grace of God.  I am grateful for those experiences.

I know that I need to write.  I know that it is for my soul important.  Important to share, to create, to re-create.

Last night I took my family into the desert for dinner.  We each got our favorite take-out (which included Jimmy Johns, and Cafe Rio) we then went to the desert and ate our food as a family date night.  It was fun for a few minutes.  Then the kids started fighting, and I started getting frustrated.  But .....guess what.  This morning they all expressed how much fun they had.  I was almost shocked because it really felt like a failure with them fighting and me ending up upset completely losing my temper.

I am grateful for memories as a family that we are making.  I am grateful for the souls of each of my children.  They are good....they are gifts from God.

Happy Sunday.

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