Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4TH!

Happy Fourth of July.  I am feeling extra festive this year.  I think it was our long, harsh winter that makes me particularly grateful for the middle of the summer.

It wouldn't be the fourth in my opinion without the following:

A pool
Bar - B - Q
Coordinating blue and white patriotic outfits for the kids (cheesy....I know)
Strawberry Pie
and some good relaxation!!!!

 I had to get a family picture in front of my favorite red barn back here in Pennsylvania.  My friend Ellie was so kind to take our picture.  She graduated in photography from Utah State and is amazing.  Her scenery shots of the barn and the surrounding area are awesome.....will have to post another day.

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GeNee said...

That is a great Fourth of July Picture. I love the barn and the all your festive clothes. I was in Boston with my grandkids. It was fun to see all those old traditional homes with the flags flying in their yards.