Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or treat with Grandma Sumko.

So the highlight of the week was Grandma and Grandpa Sumko coming into town.  They arrived on Thursday....which in Pennsylvania was trick or treat night.  Pennsylvania is a bit superstitious....hence the early festivities.  Every year it is the Thursday before Halloween.  Interesting.....I know.:)

There is a lot of laughter, excitement, great food, and hilarious stories when Mike's parents are town.  Late nights, yummy food, and dance offs are always a must with Kathy (Mike's Mom), usually at the helm of all three:)  Mike's parents are always full of surprises.  My kids and I are always entertained and taken care of.  So the surprise this trip........

The scary witch from Wizard of Oz answering my door for all the trick or treaters.  I have impossible shoes to fill for next year!!

Kathy sat in my window with all the lights off, except the candle, just waiting for her next victims to ring the door bell.  She would then answer with her perfected wicked witch voice, and skillfully scare every little child that came through the neighborhood.  Other than a few being traumatized (including baby Catherine).....she was the hit!:)  It was so much fun to have such theatrics at our house for the party.  I am pretty sure she made me famous!:)

They are wonderful, supportive, and loving Grandparents.  My kids and I are lucky to have them. 

The hardest part of them coming, is when they have to leave.  We love and miss them already.....Thanks for is the BEST!

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