Tuesday, November 1, 2011


With Halloween done, I am on to the next holiday.  We have been Halloweened out.  Our next big event is my Dad, Brother, his darling girlfriend Emily, and possibly newly married cousin coming to our house for Thanksgiving.  Three weeks and counting.  I am already getting inspired by beautiful holiday flowers, and decor.  I love theses arrangements......

I think the color combinations, and use of different flowers is scrumptious.  These are arranged by Emily.  She does flowers for events in Utah, and is soon to be getting married.  I can't wait to see pictures of her own wedding.:) 

Back to the reality of dishes to be done, and diapers to be changed:)

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GeNee said...

Those are so beautiful. That is fun your Dad and brother and Emily can come for Thanksgiving. I like the berries and the cockscomb in the arrangements for this time of year.