Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A couple recent Pics.

I had a little valentines luncheon last week with some good friends.....What a fun excuse to set a pink and red table. 

I wish that I could say last week was filled with awe wondering valentines love, peace, and romantic moments.  But there is a bigger part of me that must be real.  Last week was quite stressful, heart wrenching, and hair pulling. 

Change and growth are an important part of life....but quite honestly, growing pains can be difficult.  Facing realities of situations can be difficult, especially when we don't feel we have much control.  I was reminded of the importance of communication with family, friends, and those who love us.  I personally learned that just when we think we can't be stretched outside our comforts zones any more......we are pushed.  It is not just a matter of faith and hope, but acting on what we feel. Communicating to those we love what we feel, and trying to solve issues is invaluable. 

I am pretty good at just obliviously going through life, looking mainly at the positive.  So last week when I had to face some facts about certain situations in my life....it was challenging.  The beauty .........I am still standing, and have learned some valuable lessons from the situation.  I love my family, God, and the beautiful things in life.  This is the constant and my goal is to focus on the positives of that.

Alright.....I vented.  I just couldn't post pictures and pretend that all is always perfectly peaceful and calm in my life.  There is an element of being real that is vital to my sanity and health:)   With this being said I had a Aunt who passed aways a couple of years ago.....Geraldine Edwards.  She was an amazing woman who was a writer, speaker, and raised 12 children.  I truly admired everything about her.  I didn't have a ton of interaction with her in my life.....she lived far from me.  But her example impacted me.  I vividly remember her telling me that something vitally important to her was always having a project where she was using her hands.  Whether that be gardening, sewing, writing, or building.....was irrelevant.  But the imporatance of using her hands to sort through issues was helpful to her over the years.  

As a busy mother of 12 and the chaos that encompassed that.......her advice made sense to me.  This past week I am reminded of those wise words of wisdom from Aunt Jerry.  With that being said I have taken the last couple of nights and hit the sewing machine.  The calmness I feel from creating something with my hands is becoming invaluable to me.:)  I am excited to start a garden soon, and contine to look forward to projects looming ahead.

Little skirt and leggings set I had so much fun making.!  I am on a sewing rampage.:)  More to come......


Alicia said...

Very beautiful. I love C. new outfit you made her. What a nice Valentine's table! Pretty pictures. My fav is the one where you and your kids and playing on the grass.

GeNee said...

I love all the rows of lace. That must have been quite a project. Your girls look really cute in their new clothes.

DeAnn McWhorter said...

CALL ME BACK!!! I am missing you like crazy!

Anonymous said...

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