Saturday, October 27, 2012

A few more Halloween pictures, and the night of trick or treat......

A couple of my pups all smiles for the least in this shot.

Mike at the parade.  As you can tell he wasn't quite sure how he ended up there.:)  He rushed straight from the OR with only a couple hours of sleep the night before.  As you can see from his expression......he was a sport:)

Alyssa in all of her theatrics....:)  Seriously sometimes I wonder where this girl comes from.  Then I am reminded of Mike's Mom.  Mike's Mom dresses up as a witch every year.  She is wonderful.  Last year she graced our neighborhood, and I am still famous from it.  

Cath....being well Cath.  She had a cold for a couple of weeks....and I was getting worried I had lost my happy munchkin.  But....come trick or treat night she was fortunately all smiles again.  It is amazing what candy can do.

Alyssa and her inseparable best friend  Austin.  I LOVED Austins red riding hood costume.   ALyssa wanted to be an Angel originally....therefore the costume change.  These two were pretty cute running from door to door.  Literally running......

Mike and Matt were the guys in charge of the boys, and their trick or treating the night of.  Word of advice, unless you are hard core don't plan on sending your kids with these two men.  They had a system, and were on the race as to how much candy in the shortest amount of time the kids could get.  They have both been working WAY TOO many hours trying to be effective in the OR.

My darling friend and neighbor Becky helped me with Cath and her Ikey go from door to door.  I manned the home front handing out candy.  I must admit.....I LOVED my job.  We had some close friends over for soup and pizza after.  

Trick or treat was a great night all in for the books.  

If anyone is confused by the post, parts of Pennsylvania are a bit suspicious.  They trick or treat the Thursday before Halloween.  

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